Listing on ebay need help


180414530112 this is the item number. I have been trying to find it
by looking for key words. it was put on this afternoon and I haven’t
been able to find it . what am I doing wrong?

#2 … 3D1&_rdc=1

i just put that # in the top search space and it came right up.


I would try to revise her title and put something like:

16" Soft Vinyl (She is soft vinyl, right?) Berenguer Baby Doll 4 Reborn or Play

Just my opinion. Then, when you look for the following items, your item will come up…

Baby Doll

And so on…so forth…

Does that make any sense? Sorry…I am tired LOL…Hope I helped.


This is just my opinion…but if it were my listing, I would remove the pic from Berengeur showing her with her whole layette. Some people are not going to read through the whole thing to see that they are not getting the whole layette. Or, make it very clear that they are not getting the layette. But, since it is the picture that people see first, they may just assume they are getting everything in the picture.


I doubt if I can get him to change this one but I will pay more attemtion
next time. those are good ideas.