Listed Maddy Lin, was Tabatha … 19b73b0a19
I think she’s got an extremely good price, because of the “mishap” discussed in my other thread about her.

BOL to you. You really should have stripped that limb and gotten the pen off though. A little extra effort would have gotten you a much better sale price. She is pretty and I am sure you spent a lot of time on her.

i think stripping that limb would’ve taken everythng off but the ink mark, lol. I tried acetone on a cotton swab, just on that spot, and it never phased it!!! I was afraid to buy a new leg, or try to strip and start over. I was afraid I’d never get it to match the rest of her exactly. But everyone’s looking at her auction, commenting that it’s not that a big a deal, so I don’t know. It didn’t cost me anything to list the auction so I’m not losing anything if she doesn’t sell the first time. Thanks for the compliments

she is cute,