Liquitex users-need help with hair color


What color/colors do you use to get light brown hair? I’ve tried burnt umber and burnt umber with a touch of black but the babies end up looking like they have red or strawberry blonde hair. One of my customs has specifically requested light brown hair. I don’t use Prisma pencils because I don’t heat my heads and they don’t work well for me anyway.


You need to add just a touch of blue to your brown to keep it from turning orangey as it cures.


Thank you. I’ll give that a try.


@jeanhai I guess you just don’t want to use Faber Castell or Derwent Inktense Pencils. They are really good and work perfectly with Liquitex. I have not drawn on blond or light brown but I do use the darker colors for eyebrows. But I haven’t perfected eyebrows yet but getting there, lol! Good Luck and please let me know how your painted hair come out.


I haven’t tried either of those brands yet. Do they have to be baked? My biggest problem with pencils is getting them to a fine enough point without them breaking.


we have 6 hair colors in cheair dry - drk brown ,light brown ,black , red,dark blond and light blond if that would help - these are air dry


Ever tried raw Umber? That might work. With burnt Umber, I would add blue to remove the orange, then maybe a dot of black. If it is too dark, add a bit of whatever you have mixed up for flesh… I still have babyfx leftover and end up using that for my hair most of the time.