LIP and NAIL gloss sticky?

Does this happen to everyone? After i put the air dry gloss on the lips and nails they dry but stay a lil sticky. and clothes and blankets stick to them an leave fuzzys. I wipe it with a damp rag and it still remains sticky. what do I do?

Hey! Yes that happens to me too and I don’t know how to stop it. Hopefully someone on here will know what to do. BOL! Hugs, Cynthia

I’m in the same boat. It has happened to me, too.

I think it happens if your air dry gloss is not well mixed before you use it. I had it happen a few times so now I always use the opposite end of the paintbrush to really stir up my gloss before applying it and it hasn’t happened since.

Maybe i should do that. Stir it up really well before applying it. I was thinking maybe i was making a mistake, like i was suppose to add thinner to it, but I didnt think that made sense. I have a baby ready to be shipped out to his new mommy and I dont want him to arrive with fuzzys all over his lips and nails. Every time i wrap him up his blanket gets fuzzys on his lips. I want him to look his best when his new mommy takes a first look at him.

I did stir mine up really well. I wonder if its something else. It didn’t get gummy on the lips but it did on the fingers and toes.

I just noticed the last baby I did still has sticky lips…but her nails are dry. I mixed it up really well, and did them all at the same time…so idk…

Yeah, I’m beginning to think its time to find another solution for getting a slight sheen.

I use paper glaze its not sticky

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paper glaze gives it a big shine? I want more of a semi gloss look. Don’t like the super wet look.

I use mod podge…it’s the satin kind, not the shiney kind : ) It goes on white, but dries clear.

i have this issue too try a baby wipe or lick your thumb and rub it off that way … it works for me

I opened a new container of the air dry gloss and mixed very well and it seems to work well. I guess it goes bad after awhile or something, dunno. I’ll try the mod podge idea. I can get that here at walmart.

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I had this problem once and I think it was because I put the gloss on before it was totally cooled after baking…

well, the mod podge wins! I got a small bottle and gave it a try and it did exactly what i wanted it to do.

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Mod Podge gets my vote too! I tried it and I love it! Hugs, Cynthia=0)

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Ok where do you get this Mod Podge?

I got mine at Hobby Lobby.

JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart both carry them here too.

Thanks Ladies! I do have a wal mart here!