Link works! My Mom’s Surprise Piglet Box Opening


I wanted to post a link to a video of my mom opening her surprise Reborn piglet but I cannot seem to get not only mine but anyone’s links to work. Trying to figure out if it is just me…
Could a few of you give it a whirl and let me know if it goes through? Thank you so much :blush:


It took me to your etsy store.


Oh thank you for checking was it my Etsy Facebook page or my Etsy shop that is on vacation mode?


The link goes to facebook to your nursery and I was able to view the piglet box opening


I was able to view it on Facebook :+1:t2:


Oh good. It just won’t let me get through with it…oh well


I was able to see it. Love the surprised look on her face.


“It’s a pig!!” I love her reaction! :joy::joy:


So cute!


OMG precious