Limited Edition Adalyn Questions

I purchased this little cutie months back, but can not find any information for her now.

Can anyone tell me what size eyes , body , plugs and rings she takes??

I’d love to start her soon.

Thank you guys!

I looked she’s gone. I would try 18 20 or maybe 22. Seems like she’s full limbs so the 18 -20 inch body.

Adalyn is 17" long :slight_smile: I think I used either 20 or 22mm eyes. I try and size up on the dolls if I can.

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I’ll che k later. I have this kit, an$ I have her plugs and rings, etc

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@BTSNurse I believe she uses body #4991 or #2081 and 20mm eyes. Not sure on the rings and plugs but you can always measure her and see.

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Body – 2081 or 4991; Eyes: 20MM; Neck Ring: 55MM; Leg Ring: 55MM; No arm ring. Wig – 14 – 15


I painted her, Adalyn is tiny, 17 in. I think I used 18in eyes. If she is 17 in. I am guessing I used the 15-17 in bodies here at BB. I couldn’t answer for plugs and rings.