Limbs for Honey!


Does anyone know if the Pratt limbs will work for Honey? The limbs for Avery/ Kinsey/ Paisley? I have a Honey I need limbs for and it is a better deal to just get a whole kit than limbs! LOL!


I used those limbs for my honey and they look fine. She is in the fir sale completed dolss section.



Hi kim, I have a set of her limbs that might work. They have a couple layers of mint but I could strip them. I had a whole doll but accidently left her in the oven to long… just forgot about her. Anyway her head collapsed totally but the limbs seem fine. Do you think you might want them? I would be willing to trade for something. A cheap kit, couple of bubble suits, ??? Let me know if your interested and what you might trade.