Limb attachment without BB great end caps


I just bought a couple of kits outside of BB (Shame on me, right?) anyway, all I have used so far has been BB with the great end caps…what do I do to finish the dolls that do not come with these???

Linda Wooten


After I have the limbs filled with glass beads and then topped with poly-fil. I take a piece of felt and glue it over the end of the limbs.



Thanks Gina…



I out my glass beads in and then some poly fill and then I usually take a cotton ball and put it right at the top. I then put the E6000 glue right over the cottom ball and it works perfect! I used to cut little circles of posterboard and place them inside the end of the limb and glue it but this is easier and works just as good! I do not use the glue directly on the poly fil because for some reason the poly fill wants to stick to the glue and makes a mess! The cottom lays down nicely and there is no mess!


Well I’m in the ‘ignorance is bless’ category. Since I’ve only made one doll - I don’t have much experience, but I was in a hurry to get the doll together for the R.E.A.L. contest that ended yesterday. Also I had a temporary muslin body - it was the first I made and it needs a few changes for the doe suede. So I didn’t do anything to the arms, but on the legs I used the vinyl I had cut out and placed it in the hole.

Lara told us to put in cardboard and use silicone (and I don’t remember which was first).

I still have my final assembly to do and I’m asking myself questions. Once the tie is on how can the stuffing come out? I know the arm can come off (I had that happen already because I did them loose on purpose). I have lots of dolls with tie wraps and many have been played with a lot and none have lost a limb. Yes, I made one myself about 15 years ago. I’m usually Little Miss Security - if 2 safety things are good I try to do 6. But it does seem like overkill to stuff tightly, seal and cover too.

So now I’m wondering what if I just glue that piece of vinyl back with silicone or E6000? It can always be cut out again? Any warnings will be sincerely appreciated. I know all to well about ‘designer error’.