Lillian trigg


can anyone help there seems to be no info on anything in the kit I ordered from Lillian trigg like what order do you use the paints they gave in the starter kit and as they are air dry does that mean they are acrylic ? sorry for the dumb questions i figured there would be some info in the package but i was wrong ! lol
thanks xx


Here are a couple links that I found (good luck, I don’t know anything about them personally)


Normally you would have to do you own research regarding how to paint the doll , luckily YouTube has a wealth of free information and you can buy tutorials but youtube is the best place starting out.
Your paints are acrylic.


I have tried to find out on YouTube what I can but not the same paints from what I can understand and I just don’t want to ruin my first baby ! thank you so much ladies it’s much appreciated xx


I’m sorry I can’t help you with your question but I DO know there is a LOT to learn about Air Dry paints. Make sure you have ALL the Mediums you need before you get started. Do your research before you get started.


Air dry paints are all the same pretty much. the tutorial jlesser showed you is what you should follow to start out with.All brands of air dry folllow the same rules but some are pre-mixed so you dont have to mess around mixing mediums and colours-