Lillian looking for mama! ADOPTED



AW she is so beautiful Karen I love her!!! :two_hearts::heart:


She’s a delicate beauty!


She is soooo cute!! I love that first pic of her. Great job of bringing her to life.


Cute girl, what size eyes did you use?




Thanks everyone! :heart:

I used the recommended 22mm…if I reborn this kit again I will use 24’s


Going to try to remember that @kareninflorida


@kareninflorida she is gorgeous! I love her lips, what colors did you use? They are so soft and pretty. Do you mix your lips with liquid thinner or Thinning medium?? I love her, she’ll go really fast!!


What a cute, cute face. I love her little feet.




Thank you, Lynn! I start the lip work with the first layer and keep building color, using very thin red with a speck of black. When the color looks okay, I go over it with a very watery purple mixed with thinning medium, bake, and then a final layer of glazing gel.

Thanks everyone! :heart:


Well, you sure got it down to an art, they are beautiful!!


Thanks, Lynn! :blush: