Lil West was born yesterday!


:purple_heart: My first reborn in about 13 years was born yesterday. It was a hard labor for this tiny guy but I just love him. His head gave me fits and I had to put him away for a bit. The material wasn’t consistent some areas rooted like butter and others just wouldn’t take. He does need a haircut :grimacing: lol I cannot do sparse rooting and I did trim his lashes more. Critiques welcome working on my next one right now.


Awe. He’s cute!


Very adorable, love his hair style!


I think he’s adorable! Love his thick eyelashes!


He is so adorable! Love the hair style


He’s perfect! I love everything about him!


He’s precious! Great work!


I love everything about him. IMO no haircut is needed, but this is just looking at pictures. Love how his outfit matches his name :slight_smile: Great job!


In 13 years, you sure didn’t lose your touch! I didn’t know you back then, but this is sure an awesome baby! I like his hair. His lips. He’s perfect!


Thank you ladies :heart:


Hes adorable! Beautiful mottling and I love his hair and eyelashes…see, its like riding a bike :wink:
Some babies are just difficult but he came out great and I don’t think he needs a haircut, I love it :slight_smile:


Welcome back!! He’s beautiful!! Love his hair, I cannot root thinner hair either.