Light Browns for Painted Hair

If you paint hair, what colors do you use to get a nice lighter, soft brown? Please give how many brushes of each color you use and how much thinner you mix it with. Thank you! :smiley:


The reason I ask is because I usually get darker brown hair than I want.

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You can use a small mop of burnt umber with a touch of blue to get the red out and some flesh 8. I use the same mix with varying degrees of flesh 8 to make a few different shades of brown to use on the head. For the very fine wispy hairs you can use some flesh 7 or 8 with a touch of the brown mixture added to make softer colored side facial hairs.

I’m sorry I can’t give precise amounts but when you are picking up with different sized brushes or picks, it changes. It also depends on how much paint you need at the time. Also, even in tutorials you’ll often see artists “measuring” with their brushes and then having to readjust color. The only way this could be exact was if we all used precise measuring spoons or weighed the paint. We’d also have to measure the thinner too. And it’s hard to get color off of measuring tools and into the bowls too. For me, it would be too much hassle.


Best way to mix thinner with paint is to get it to the consistency of ink. If it’s too thin, it will spread out, if too thick, it will not flow. Inky is the best way to go. The base color should always be the lightest, then keep going darker from there. Be careful using blue, it will make any color darker. For true black, use mars black mixed with bit of blue. This should only be used as top application.
I use brow brown, burnt number, the darkest flesh, mars black. Depends how I dark/light I want baby.


I also use one brush…the longest thinnest script liner. Often I also cut it so there are less than five bristles. I know many use the comb bush, this is just works best for me. Before painting, wipe of excess before applying to head(i wipe off on my wrist,yes I have brown wrists for awhile…lol). If you wipe on tissue,I find too much gets wiped off. Sounds weird, just a painter’s technique that works for me :slight_smile:
Also, small short strokes on base layers. Be sure to crisscross over these layers with top layers otherwise looks too neat and unnatural.


Thank you, ladies!