Lief problem


Need some help: dislike Leif arms & haven’t purchased him yet. Wondering if I could buy 6164, Laineys arms to substitute? Then I would need a body with 3/4 arms & full legs like 417,Clyde This body is for 17 in. not 18 as Leif is. Would this baby look ridiculous??? please help-I love Aspen but don’t want to waste money & effort on a hopeless substitution for Leif. Thanks for your consideration & being such a great bunch of ladies!!


Lainey’s arms lack details compared to a realborn. I think it would look strange.

Is Leif for an order?

What about Leif with Aspen’s limbs? I realize you would end up with an extra head… but I dont think the realborns mix well with the older kits.


Or maybe Leif with Bean’s limbs? His are full.


Thanks Jiesser, I hadn’t thought about the detailed limbs on the realborns. I’m gonna take your advise & just order an aspen if he is ever on sale again- can allways use a head for a snuggle baby. Thanks again