Libby shoe size


Hey everyone I just got my Libby kit in and I’m so in love with her. I know the site says she fits shoe size one but I got her a pair in that size and it was too big. Does anyone know exactly what shoe size fits her best? Also what diapers does she fit? Thanks! x


I would say a newborn sized shoe if you could find one, her feet are little. I have mine in a size 1 diaper, newborn is way too small


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


If I remember correctly she’s got the same limbs as Fei Yen and I’ve done several of those but no Libby. Her feet are a funny shape and sort of short and thick and one is curled up a bit. I think I used a size one but it was a soft crib shoe type that had a wide toe box and that could flex around her foot. I don’t think a stiffer shoe would work well on her. You might just have to be brave and take that little leg shopping and try on a few different types of shoes to find ones that fit. You won’t be the first reborner to pull a leg out of your bag and terrify the people around you! You wouldn’t have to dig very far to find a lot of funny stories in this group!


Lol omg I can just imagine people’s reactions to that. I love to take my babies out tho so I’m gonna have to do some shoe shopping soon :smiley: thanks!


HaHa! I’ve done it…shocked a few people at the store when I whipped that leg outta my purse! :grin::flushed::joy:


Oh you guys, I never thought of just taking the leg with me LOL. I took the whole baby with me. It would have been so much easier to just take a leg. :laughing:


I’m still new to the community I probably won’t even know how to take it off and put it back on haha :laughing:


Of the topic, but since you mentioned Fei Yen, my I ask you, was he difficat to paint? I am attracted to Asian looking babies, but since I am just started I am not sure if I can pull that baby off.


Fei Yen is a great kit and easy to paint. That kit is really versatile and can be interpreted in lots of ways. Go for it!
Here are a couple of mine to give you a little inspiration.



Oh, she is such a beauty as brunette or as blond! I’ll definitely buy that kit. And you are right, she is so versatile. She does not look Asian on your second photo. You did an amazing job with her (as well as with all your other babies). Just afraid that I would want to keep her and we already have 3 babies - one from @jlesser, one from @Katinafleming , and one as my first reborn that I am working on now :heart_eyes:.