Libby Sculpt


Yes, her legs can be on a full leg body.


Here is my keeper Libby


I have the body for her if anyone wants to make me an offer.


I got one on sale a long time ago and made her. I was not happy with the sculpt or the way she turned out but she sold really fast.

Not one of my best babies.


@Gabriell Love her!


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Yes it just seens overly big. i guess ill just see how it turns out. :+1:


She looks beautiful. i am struggling with mine. I think she us harder to bring to life. Maybe it is the shape.


very sweet


she looks great!


wip Libby


@angels Sold libby love! sold

That’s the most awesome Libby I’ve seen!


She is both adorable and beautiful! I cant believe you did not like her @Gabriell . I think yours is the best I have seen


Thank you. I wasnt sure how I was going to make her look good. :heart:
I started reborning in March 2019.


Libby Finished. I have called her Olivia.


Didnt show all my pics.


Aww, she turned out cute!


loved painting libby


I didn’t even see Libby! I guess staying up by the realborns this is what I get. :laughing: She is a must have. I love chunky babies.


Thank you. I was surprised how she turned out❤️