Libby- big hauss

Totally!’ And hilarious!’

Ooh I like competitive cooking shows! You should check out Cutthroat Kitchen and Master Chef if you haven’t already.

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Ohhhh yea. It’s my dream to be on one. :heart:

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Hey, I’m rooting for you!! :wink:

OMG!! That is just too much! I bet he will buy it or trade for it!! LoL!!

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Ok… I have to find a way to show him!!!

I should tell him I had his baby!!! Lololol remember that really drunk night??? Lololol


EEWWW! Nikki, He could never come close to getting someone like you!!! Why are you couch ridden??? Do I know???

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Lololol yeah… I would look like a vw bus fell on me!!! Lolololol I’m small boned… I wouldn’t make it! Lmao lmao the doc said I need to CHILLLLLLLL, so the baby stays in! Lololol

My daughter was confined to bed rest also…please do as little as possible…carrying that little bunny is top priority now…rest, relax, get pampered, save no expense, and enjoy cause when babies arrive, rest goes out the window…!!..:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :purple_heart:


And…You are going to listen and be a good girl right!!! It is hard being grounded, you can always root while watching TV!! How is my Jimmy Chew!!! My favorite Perfume in the world!!! How did you name him that? I need another pic of him? Close up of his coat so I can see any color variations if he has any???

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Great advice! Please tell my husband! Lololol

I love jimmy choo purses and shoes… So, I had a beUtiful jimmy bag that I bought in Beverly Hills. It was the SOFTEST leather! Anyway, the FIRST time I used it… I got a scuff😱 so… I never used it again. I wanted a maltese, hubby said no. I ended up meeting a lady that lives jimmy choo purses and had a prize litter of pups. One tiny female… After wheeling and dealing, it was a trade! And that’s how I got my JIMMY CHEW! Lolol she is pure white! No variation at all/-)


Oh!! Jimmi is a girl :heart:

She is adorable Nik !!!

Well I am just in love with her!! She looks so sweet but yet I can see she also knows what she wants and will get it!! Please tell me… You do not dress her up? If she did wear anything it would have to be silks and satin bc they are soft fabrics. She really is your little baby huh, not so much the hubby?? huh! LoL!! She loves her Mommy!! OMG when the LiLl Bunny comes you will have to be careful with this baby!!! LoL! So you call her Jimmy!!

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No, I don’t dress her up… But she does have sweaters because she hates being cold…in the winter! She also hates hair bows:-( I will do her hair beautifully and she rips it out! She is super spoiled, and has to be on my lap when I paint dolls( even though she has her own chair) Lolol

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That’s how SHE should look… If I could do her hair! Lol

Wow Libby does look like Hauss lol. But I love my Libby baby :smile:

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