Liam ready for a walk


I love him with a pacifier!!! So cute! Have fun on your walk!


he’s adorable

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So CUTE! :blue_heart:

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He’s adorable and he looks so real. Love him.


He looks like a real baby! I bet others on your walk thought so too!


I havent taken him out yet, I’m waiting on his sun hat to dry, I wanted to wash it to make sure the dye is set but looks like it was anyway hehe once its dry I’ll take him out


Tell us what adventures y’all have on your walk!


I took him for his walk, though the person I really wanted to show him to doesn’t start work until later this afternoon so may have to take him back out again.
I went to lunch and they loved him and asked questions, they recently saw my Maddie when I took her there, then I went into my local craft store who know me well and my reborns, but even they thought he was a grandson, (I don’t actually have any grandchildren) she even came up to him and started talking to him hehe I had a parcel to pick up at the PO and they too thought he was a real boy, despite knowing I reborn so they too were amazed to find he wasn’t real.


This sounds like so much fun!!! I love it!!!

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So awesome can’t wait to finish mine.

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He looks fab! I would love to see more photos of him if you have them posted anywhere.


Me too!

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He is so adorable and looks so real.

What size cloths your Liam wears ?? I finally finishing mine and don’t know if I have anything in his size ! Thank you

12 months and 4 to 5 shoe. I am working on mine and wrote that down, someone on the forum said that.

The top under the overalls is size 0, not sure what si,e his shoes are the size isn’t on them I think I purchased them by measuring his foot, it depends on the make and what type of clothing, I find their bodies are shorter so thing like overalls in size 1 are too long in the body

Thank you . I have some size 12 months , I hope they fit as don’t really want to spend money now

@andik I was on YouTube and someone said he wears size 12 to 18 months clothes. So I am changing my orders from 9 to 12 to 12 to 18. I think I’d like them to be a little bigger rather than smaller.

I have a number of clothes that just didn’t fit him if they were one piece of overalls. He’s suppose to be a portrait of Liam at 12 months.