Lexi Wip


Hello first I just want to thank everyone for sharing their great knowledge. This is my first reborn doll. I still have more work to do. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.


Looking good :slight_smile: I ordered this kit from the sale -it’s cute ! Isn’t it fun to watch them come to “life”?!


Looking good.


Aw very sweet!!


Great job! I ordered a seconds kit of her during the sale. She’s a cutie.




Looks great for a first one! My first one didn’t even have eyebrows, haha.


Great first baby and my only feedback would be to bring the eyebrows closer to the outside edge of the eye next time. The angle of this picture makes them appear as though they go a little too far past the eye and onto the temple a bit.


Thanks I thought they looked a bit different. I erased them so many times.