Lexi Prototype! By Séverine Piret- plus SALE!

Hi Everyone!

Séverine Piret’s work has been published in QBonecas Magazine. We love her work, and we are very happy to have the pleasure of showing you this Lexi prototype, sculpted by Sandra White, and reborn by Séverine Piret. We think she did an outstanding job with this prototype. The prototype is prominently featured on our home page, and is also on eBay now:


Séverine lives in France (so English is not her native language). This means that for European’s, shipping for this wonderful prototype (should you win the auction) will be a lot cheaper than if it was coming from the USA.

Additionally, and rather than doing a “Daily Deal”, we have placed more than a dozen kits in our “Special Deals”. We also have a similar number of bodies on sale, including our very most popular body, our item #5805 (a 20" jointed-leg body for Avery, Paisley, Kinsey, Tanner, and many other kits). Just click the “Special Deals” menu choice at the top of all of our pages to see all of them.

Thanks so much, everyone!

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Just wanted to say I think I prefer the special deals over the daily deals. Its easier to stock up that way with the shipping rates being so high.
Thanks BB, for taking care of us!