Levi's body


My Ellie Sue body was silly too. I ordered from Nonies…

I would switch the body if I were to make her again. (She looked cuter dressed :wink: )


Your Ellie is super cute. That is definetly the same hompty dumpty body. Could you share a picture of her dress up. I would like to see how the body looks.





She looks beautiful. The round body is not notasable. Thanks


Mine also had zip ties in it, but I took them out and put strings through it for now, as I always put the body on and take it off 100 times during the reborning process. I don’t put the zip ties back until it’s all done and I’m completely satisfied with the weight.
That is definitely a different body, though. The one I have is a whole lot chubbier.


What are those sticky rounds you use to encap your limbs?


Its moleskin :slight_smile: Like Dr. Schols hehe. I cut them in circular shapes and stick them onto the end of the limbs and the head opening as well.