Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Finally finished rooting my Clyde. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to root sparsely! He’s a preemie but has the hair of a one year old! And this is after his haircut and thinning!


Your painted hair is looking good. You have very fine lines and that’s so hard to do. I’d keep going. She will make someone a cute little baby. :blush:


I don’t do my skin tone layers with thinning medium but definitely my shading. I was doing another method but once I started doing that I loved it!


sooo cute!! Miranda is on my list to reborn. I cant wait because she is such a beautiful sculpt!


So here are the last two I have completed my Gemma shown above and Thomas awake who I have changed out his hair and body from what I had done before .

And my Thomas awake you cant see his hair in this but oh well it is better trust me lol .


Ive had the same problem but I actually managed to do more sparse hair on my Megan kit…still, she has more hair, than I intended LOL. I just put her together tonight so Ill post a picture tomorrow. I think your Clyde looks adorable and it doesn’t matter if he has a full head of hair, thats part of the fun of reborn’s, just like my little Megan preemie can sit up :wink:


I gave Miya some prisma hair and rooted eyelashes. Hair isn’t sealed yet, I’ll see later if I wanna keep it this way. I’m not so sure about it.


I finally put Megan together. So this is the fourth doll I have painted and only the second one to finish completely and put together. Main thing I don’t like is her eyebrows are lighter than her hair and my rooting skills still need a lot of work but I think she came out pretty cute and I will try to sell her for a modest price considering my lack of skills.


<img src="/uploads/db4141/original/3X/6/4/6459d76d1bbcd348dcd645c25f4801fb21a89b66.jpg" width=“374” height="500"
A few quick pics of my crew



They’re all cuties!! Are these your keepers?


She’s cute and looks so tiny.


Here’s Nevaeh!


@CindyLouWho, thanks. Hopefully I can sell some. I have a few keepers already. I fall in love every time I give birth, lol but need to sell at least a few.


Sunny! Painting all done. Just needs hair! Will be fully rooted. There is sooooo much detail in this kit.

Another photo to show detailing a bit more but it is a bit grainy.


I love this baby. Beautiful AA baby.


Thank you so much!!!


She is absolutely stunning! I have been waiting to she this baby with an ethnic skin toone and you did not disappoint :heartbeat:


Gorgeous!! Love her color!!


I love her!!