Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Sadie using che’air dry paints for the first time. Ive done like 10 layers and she is still so bb pale.


Great job!


Very nice!!! You are gonna have to teach me! :wink:


Still working on tiny Tink! Got a long way to go but making progress. Just a bad phone pic for now


My most recent knitting loom and reborning endeavor this is Loomer who has come from far away and had such a bad entry in to our atmosphere his limbs were so badly damaged he required immediate limb replacement .
He may need more limb surgery in the future however he seems to be doing well for now
That is his story and I am sticking to it :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My most recent toddler Bo Elle, sorry about no eyes.


I love the coloring.


This is such a cute kit and this one looks great. I can’t wait to see what you do with her. :blush:


Poor light for cell pics but she is coming along.


Wonderful painting!


Looking good so far. I love Zuri. Im painting a head for my first cuddle baby. I bought two kits when Zuri first came out (the first sale) and I didnt notice that she had a cut in her leg until I started painting. It appears she was cut with a box opener…it was way too late to ask for a new leg so I am keeping her arms and will use her legs for test parts. Now I always squeeze my limbs to look for cuts when I get a new kit. I had to strip her head on Friday because my hair drawing/painting stunk and I had already erased and removed it too many times and I wasn’t thrilled with her painting anyway. Im also painting two customs and I had put a couple coats on Zuri and I was thinking “whats wrong, she doesn’t look right?”…duh, I forgot to do some mottling LOL…she has mottling now and veining so she’s about at the same stage as yours :wink:


Thank you! I am going to learn from your lesson to check for cuts from now on! This little one already has a mommy waiting for her. I have time since waiting on her tax refund. I ordered skya Sleeping, but she was shipped to the house so will have to wait to get my hands on her :grin:


Updated better pictures I think of my silly little loomer :smile: now on to the next train I catch LOL.


OMG! I love her FACE!
I’ve never done Zuri; I didn’t know her face was that cute!
Anyway…WIP sleeping Thomas…I do like his face and everything about him, the kit paints itself…

Does he need another warming layer?

I’m going to look at his eyelids again; I may need to take some of that color off…


Working on rooting this tiny head.


Funny sometimes I think she is so adorable then other times, not so much lol. I have a customer I am painting her for. I really want to paint Thomas, I love peaceful sleepers! He is looking adorable, I do agree with your next steps. I am also on the crux with my baby too, sometimes she looks a bit orange then other times I am not seeing it so much.i hat putting so many color washes I start losing all my mottling .


Working on Miranda awake. Not one of my favorite kits. These photos are toned down and don’t show her true coloring.


That just means they have a very deep uncanny valley. Look up Valley of the Uncanny or Uncanny Valley in a search engine. Some people just have bizarre reactions to ultra realistic things. Some people’s valley is deeper than others. Some don’t realize this is why they have a strange reaction when they see reborns, and some don’t know how to filter their reaction, unfortunately.


That was a very interesting article, thank you for sharing. My hubbys used to be quite deep but his growing appreciation for my abilities as an artist is causing his to be more shallow I guess you would say.


They look nice. Are they the BB glass ovals?