Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


@lynnb86 ~ people negative comments usually comes out of bitterness for their own insecurity and /or jealousy…Bellybutton is right! Keep making them and enjoy every minute! Ignore the Haters, Hun! :blush:


Great hair! :heart:


I thought their hair was rooted in the first picture and the only reason I could tell in the others is because of the glare of the light. Amazing hair!!!


Thank you for the compliment on my babies :).
I admit my message back to her was a bit rude, first I laughed (LMAO) then I sent her a link to the cost of the kit and listed everything else including the all the time I spend making the baby. Maybe people just don’t know what goes into making a Reborn but it was early and I was on my first cup of coffee so I let my her have it.


That looks amazing!
I am so bad at drawing and painting hair…I actually had to strip my Zuri head that Im going to use for my first cuddle baby. I had erased and removed paint and prisma one too many times. I just stink at it. I did prisma on my Jennie twins but I hate their hair. I would love to be able to paint hair like you have. I think my mix just isn’t right, my paint isn’t fluid enough. I either get it too thick or too thin.

Also, may I ask what varnish you are using on the hair?


Beautiful hair! Do you mind showing us the backs of the heads?


LOL!:rofl: Good for You! …Experienced Reborn doll artists don’t deserve insults of any kind from potential buyers or people that have no idea what it takes to create one. They are just basically idiots.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


She’s beautiful. I’d hold onto her. Maybe dress her for Valentines Day and someone will decide that they can’t live without that sweet baby. :heart:


They are beautiful. I am working on Julia as a boy and Tristan also as a boy. I thought they were suppose to be twins but they don’t look alike. Can you tell me what size shoe you bought?


no Julia and Tristen don’t look anything alike to me either. I don’t know about the shoes, I never use the legs that come with the kit, I use Arianna full legs and take a 3 T shoe


Thank you.


Also, not only do they not look alike but Tristan’s head is so much bigger than Julia’s head. Its weird.


I put Tristen on Leontyne limbs ( largest I know of in toddlers) and had a body made for him I designed… his head is very big… Julia’s looks good on a 30" body with Arianna legs (her head is large too)


I wish I had thought about changing the limbs. It is something I will remember in the future.


I always do that.I bought the Leontyne kit, put her head on Katie Marie limbs and sold her, then used the her limbs for his head. His Mommy loves him like that. I order just the head and arms,on my de Lange kits, silly have MacPhearsons pay to ship legs I am throwing out , JMO


They ar3 superb! Awesome job!


Thank you ! It’s just a lot and lot of practice. I am never fully satisfied !


Thank you !
Sure !


Oh and I just use a mix of ultra matt and matt deco art varnish.


I think your hair is very realistic. Don’t doubt your skill.