Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


She is soooooo beautiful!!! I just love her! Here she looks so much like miranda!


I wanna do a Tink, too! So cute!


She really is cute! And smaller than I thought haha she’s really dainty and sweet. Her feet are so little, they’re about the size of a cosmetic wedge, I noticed that when I was doing her veins and nails


Awwww, that’s awful! Well, she’s too valuable to sell and cut your price… @Carce428 , I understand the difficulties with scams and such…and needing to sell as well…have you tried Etsy?


Thank you so much Estelle :blush: ~that really means a lot to me! :kissing_heart:


@GypsyRoss oh yes I forgot about my etsy shop. yes I have tried no bites.


…I did a lot of shopping there for the first time this year for Christmas…avoiding all the other “internet” places…fb, ebay, etc…I was very pleased with it…hang in there Carce! I really think it’s worth it! :blush:


new pics of Julia de Lange twins


Your toddlers are so gorgeous!!!


thank you so much!


Im thinking of dropping my subscription down to the bottom tier because Im not selling on there anymore, also some delusional woman offered to pay me 200 dollars for a custom Liam, Im still laughing about that…all my babies recently have been sold on FB and Ive gotten several customs from return customers.

Your Tink is beautiful btw


My babies :slight_smile: I don’t know, I love making my babies, I just feel some people leave negative comments (I had one lady tell me that I was messed up for making them because they look so real- anyone else have this issue?)


Wip Brooklyn and Dominic, hair done. I think I began to do better job at painting hair, but still prefer to draw them ! Not proud of Brooklyn eyebrows, but I will not redo them.


Lil~ your babies are awesome! That’s just crazy that somebody would offer that for any reborn toddler that was well done…having said that…it’s well- known one couldn’t cover their supplies for that…let alone , time, shipping, and what about the artistry itself? Does that not count for anything?


That’s the purpose of making reborns: because they look real ! Don’t let those kind of comment affect you. Enjoy making them.


Love your painted hair~Bellybutton!


Updated WIP of sweet tiny Tink She will be AA or biracial


Awesome hair


Thank you !:blush:


Thank you very much !