Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


That’s a sweet baby ! I like her skin tone !


Just perfect!!!


Bathed and ready to start painting tomorrow! I am so ready.


She is beautiful. And definitely love her curly hair!


Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I doubt myself a lot being a newer artist :slight_smile:


Artists always doudt themselves, even experience one !


Well here I am at the point I always get to and dont know what is needed next…


And this one…


Your baby looks soooo realistic! Amazing! What sculpt is this sweetheart!


I think this baby looks very realistic. Not over-blushed or over colored, not overly mottled. Is this Darren?


Thank you. She is Brooklyn! I am doing different limbs on her though.


Thank you! Brooklyn.


Oh man , you just sold me on Brooklyn! I love your style of painting!


Seriously, I think she’s done. I can see her blue undertones and they don’t look too overdone. Her mottle is pretty and her skin color is very pretty.


Thank you. I got her head as a test head but really wanted to do her with limbs so I just used some that I liked with her.


That’s one of the prettiest Brooklyn’s I’ve seen.


Pam, do you use the primary method?


I agree she is perfect the way she is!


Thank you so much. I am still learning and so insecure with my painting and how it looks… I am never really sure if it looks right or not.


Yes I did with her. I am still trying to figure it all out.