Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Thank you!


Thank you, here it is now, still not sure what to call it.
Open to ideas.


Honestly? I see a llama


I think it’s a CA-ONKEY!! Part hairless cat and donkey!! hahahaha


Perfect name!! Haha! :joy:


Well it has a face like a hairless cat and ears and legs like a donkey. What a weird thing huh??


This was a fun project, nothing special in mind, just something to get my mind off anything serious as I have had a lot going on lately.


Hopefully things settle down for you. Positive vibes sent your way. :heart:


Thank you, it is in Gods hands.


Wow I love the skin tones! Do you use panpastels? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


First finished baby of 2019. Mila.


Oh I love her!! I’m hoping to make a bigger baby soon!! I have the bb crawlers so I’m excited to start them someday! Did you use genesis on her? Wondering how you did the oven


Thank you. Yes. I used Genesis. And I know the real oven is a no no. But I did it anyway. This world is so full of toxins. Cancer killed both of my parents and most of my grandparents. I’m not worried about a few extra toxins from the oven. Call me careless. But if cancer is going to get me or any of my family members, it won’t be the oven that causes it. :wink:


Yeah we have a lot of cancer in my family too. I wasn’t sure if she could fit in my Nuwave or not. I can’t breathe with the fumes so the kits need to be outside. She’s adorable. I’d really like to make a bigger baby besides Joseph lol


You could use air dry paint to do the larger babies?!


She’s s9 pretty!


Pigato: pi for pig and gato is the Spanish word for cat.


I’d like to try them someday for sure.


I love this sculpt and am working on it right now. Your version is beautiful.


Thank you, I love Jannie’s sculpts <3