Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


That may work…


That’s honestly what I thought it was when I first commented, I didn’t even realize it was those parts mixed :joy: lol


thank you <3


I buy 12 mo for all my toddler girls, the girls can wear 9 mo if the brand runs really large.The boys I buy 18 mo so the pants are large enough for the “bubble butts” and chunky thighs when they sit


I am leaning kind of that way when I put the body on put a new personality, just wanted to be creative no real idea in mind, just silly. Lol


That could with a crazy bit of personality.


WOW Amazing!!!


Have fun with it! I think it’s adorable so far!


Custom Darren ready for hair :slight_smile:


I’m working on a Darren now. Yours is adorable!


Starting hair on Kyra (will be a boy)


Thank you :blush: Cant wait to see yours!


I have Julia and Tristan here and was wondering if they would fit in the matching sets I am buying in newborn size for other kits… they only go up to 12 m and are Carter’s brand… do you think the 12m would fit them?


He is so precious, beautiful job on him. He is definitely on my wish list :heart:


I never buy Carters, but hear they run small??? I don’t know… I put all my Jannie de Lange kits on Arianna legs (ise their own arms) with a body I designed and have made up, for all my toddlers… on the original legs and 26" body they might wear 12 mo in carters BUT the heads will look huge on those 26"bodies… JMO


I am really nit-picky,so might just be me…LOL!!!


Can Darren use a magnetic paci? He’s soooo cute!


I made mine to


I haven’t tried yet but he does have one of those bumps due to his open mouth however there is enough room in his chin so it should work alright.


I used a magnet for a pacifier for my Darren and it worked just fine. I don’t know if I have a pic of him with it though. I found one but it’s not very good lol