Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


It’s Pebbles by Lilianne Breedveld. Pictures don’t do this kit justice. She is the sweetest little baby. My favorite one yet! :heart:️️



Did you root all that hair? with a part? holy!


It is only parted for sure at the front for about an inch… the rest is straight and can brush to either side.
I don’t think I took a picture of the top of the head yet…


That is some crazy rooting, amazing, you are killin me with your skills!


What a sweetie!


What hair did you use, if you mind me asking?


This one was from Angela Sprout (I think that is her name…) anyhow the label for the cut end was wrong so that was annoying but once I got it the right direction it went easier :wink: lol


Awesome hair, @jlesser!

Amazing as usual, @specialmoments. :blush:


WOW!..I can only dream about painting hair (still practicing but might do painted hair on my Pricilla that I’m painting) that well!! Beautiful baby!


Shes beautiful…I love that skin tone!


Thank you, your son is a cutie :slight_smile: . @danidolly can’t wait to see yours! Ill be sure to post her @Mommarobin her Mommy says she wants me to post her everywhere LOL


Thats some mad rooting skills!
I would have guessed it was HP hair…looks a lot like it. Ill bet that took some time.


w. I. P aria


WIP Jade. I just love this chubby, round face.


WIP Last Ready made before Christmas… Madeline by Jannie de Lange


She’s beautiful!


Thank you.


Finished stuffing my first cuddle baby… still think I’m doing the weight wrong his limbs are a little floppy in a weird way lol.


Here is Anthony. He is for sale!