Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Here is my custom WIP April…I have two more kits left. Her Mommy wants her to have red hair, I start rooting tomorrow :slight_smile:


She’s gonna make an adorable red head :heart_eyes:


Im going to start rooting her tomorrow, Im so excited…I love red heads :slight_smile:

Im so excited Im repeating myself LOL


It is also a lot easier and a lot less scammy than ebay. I have had some good sales there but I only do the lowest tier.


I’m working on Jaycee. Half way through rooting I decided I didn’t like the lips so red so I’m carefully going over them with mint green. I’m having a hard time bonding with it. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Veins and mottling visible beneath the skin…eyelashes next

I don’t know why this looks orange but my husband took this with a different camera.


She is adorable ! My son is a red head, I have a bias toward red head…! April is his portrait !


Oh I am half way done my red head April, April!


cant wait to see her!


3 month Joseph getting some hair


Looking good!


what sculpt is this?


those lips and brows! and everything else, another amazing baby.


Brooklyn not sure if I posted, she is on my short list of sculpts I am loving


Still trying to get that hair, I am getting close ,looks better in person.


Glue is drying…just about ready to put this baby together!


I like her hair!!


Assembled Bluebell and Darren today


No wonder why Bluebell hair took ages! So adorable!


Beautiful! I love her hair!! :blush:


Abigail by LTR All done!!!