Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Thank you! @mdurant1 is correct; it’s Kimberly. It wasn’t my favorite kit when I bought it, but she’s growing on me!


My first toddler or should I say three/six month old


Hi Y’All! Been Awhile! I finally…:sweat: started a baby…again…Shawna Clymer’s Shylynn…a lot of work to do!


Finally finished my Liam’s hair (someone please remind me to use human hair next time LOL). Her eyes are set and her hair is glued in…just waiting for her eyelashes to get here. I usually root eyelashes so this will be my first time gluing them. I was thinking to use either tacky glue or Mod Podge (what I typically use to glue in hair)…which do you guys recommend?


She’s perfect! I love her hair!



Thank you :blush:


Awww, she sure is sweet!


wow she is so adoreable, i love her hair too!


Thanks guys :blush:
Im going to get her some larger eyes, I like the way these ones look but they just are not fitting right because they are 22’s, the 24’s I bought I didnt like so I ordered some more of these in the size 24…so even longer waiting…probably next week sometime I should get them.


Macpherson’s has a great glue specifically for eyelashes.


I put 24 in my Liam but did not like them. I have 26 now but haven’t put them in yet.


They are the round glass eyes. The other 24s fit great but I don’t like the way they look, the colour is strange and the pupils are too large.
I try not to buy from MacPhersons unless I have to because Im in France so I have to pay custom fees.


My eyes just show too much white for me.


Last Custom order of 2018, going home
Twin Bettys by Natalie Blick


Just finished Mireya this morning, I’m almost done painting joseph 3 months whom I making as a girl, just have her nails to paint and seal her and then onto micro rooting, so also time to give the next kit a bath.


I just love how you dress your dolls! They’re beautiful!


WIP on 3 month Josephine


Very nice work!!!


love your stying, those headbands are awesome!