Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Thank you so much, Ill post more pics of him soon :slight_smile:


oh wow, he’s beautiful!


So sweet…Im going to get this kit…it will be my first micro preemie baby.


Thanks! It’s a great kit, I can’t wait to see your version!


I use GHSP. Is going on Patreon with Melissa George worth it? Your Chase is amazing!


I love him!!!


Thanks so much :slight_smile:
She has a PDF file that shows which colours in GHSP is comparable to the Golden paints. She also will say in her videos how to do certain things if you are using Genesis and she says she will be doing a baby with GHSP.


Finally finished my ethnic June. She’s been months in the making :smile: .


She has a lovely golden skin tone that was hard to capture in the pictures.


You won’t be having trouble selling her, she’s adorable!!
Don’t you love her, she’s so chunky. I can’t wait for the awake version :slight_smile:


Yes she was so much fun to paint! She is snuggly and adorable. Her left arm seems to be awkward though. I think others have noticed this as well.


She is just beautiful! Skin tone is spot on!


oh wow they’re gorgeous


Wee Darren growing some hair


Thank you @Mommarobin !


How did you make her complexion? She’s a lovely baby girl!


Beautiful baby. I love your painted hair.


Thank you so much! @pattyabe


Thanks! I used a tutorial that I purchased from @snuggle2me


Do you have the website you purchased from or do I need to message her? How much did the tutorial cost?