Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Thank you all for your vote of condidence. I am so glad I can come to this forum and get all the help I need to make my reborns. You ladies have helped with your tips more than you know. I just started a premie kit “Megan” I think I may try to root her since her head is so tiny and see how that goes.


He is adorable!


Sorry for the nighttime pictures but I had a really rough day today, very worried about one of my older daughters so I needed to show off my Chase…It might sound strange but it helps me feel a little better.
I tried something new that I learned from Melissa George…I made his feet and hands subtly purple…do you guys think it looks alright? Im pretty happy with him in general, he was a dream to paint…Tink is more of a challenge but she is looking good as well…if I do say so myself :wink:


I think he looks amazing!


Thank you :slight_smile:


This is my latest baby, Wee Mouse. :slight_smile:


Latest competed is Lillebror (pictures were on a rainy day :confused: )


Omg Hennie he’s soooo great! Awesome job!


Love it! Just in case, if that’s ghsp in the little plastic containers, they’ll eat through it. Idk what you’re using, but just in case. He looks crazy awesome!!


Did you just call me Hennie? LOL :wink:

I guess I will let it slide seems how you have pneumonia :frowning: I hope you get better soon :heart:


:joy::joy::joy: omg I’m the worst at checking to make sure I write the right stuff. Uggh! I can’t even blame being sick. I’m always this way! :joy::joy::joy:


I love it, he is really lifelike keep sharing I love seeing your babies progress!


better question, where don’t I find clothes? LOL… I shop a lot of online baby boutiques, for sale items :slight_smile:


he is adorable <3


thank you :slight_smile:


Can you please recommend a couple that have good prices. Spencer needs a layette!


Saksoff5th (discounted Saks Fifth Ave) has some great sales right now… https://www.saksoff5th.com/Kids/Baby/shop/_/N-4ztfxf/Ne-6ja3nn


I love them! Thanks!


Beautiful Chase- the purple looks good!


Its Golden fluid so no problems…thank you for the compliment, Ill take some more pics when I get some hair on him :slight_smile: