Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Yes, actually I do. I do two Christmas craft sales in my community so I sell all my stuff there. I’ve never advertised anything online, but I’d be willing to ship if someone was interested.


And my final reborn of the year is complete… I just finished making his outfit right now well the top at least still need to make the bottoms.


I plan to do that when I root my kit. I know how I style hair lol.


Would you happen to have any rompers? Would love to see!


Boys almost done minus a salmon wash, details and blush :slight_smile:


Unfortunately we are doing renovations right now and I can’t get to any of my things. Lately I’ve just been buying one ball at a time and knitting it up before I get another one because I have bins and bins of yarn, but I just can’t get to it. I don’t believe I have any rompers, it’s mostly likely sweaters and cocoons, but I can’t even remember what I have packed up. In the last bit a made a few tiny dresses like I posted my Nevaeh wearing in pink, but smaller sizes. And I made a bunch of those newborn bear hats that I posted. For the last weeks I’ve been making dog sweaters. My first sale is at the beginning of November so I’m hoping my husband is at a point in these renos that I’ll be able to get to my stuff otherwise it won’t be much of a sale. We started in July and the goal was to be finished by the time the kids started school in September, but as things normally do it’s taking longer than planned. Maybe I’ll start posting things that I make in case anyone is interested.


@Rainbowbabies This special werepup mohair that you came up with us amazing. Despite an entire pack of broken needles, I am having so much fun with this little moon child. :heart_eyes:


WIP Abigail by Laura Tuzio Ross


Wow just wow!


Thank you. It’s fun to do an alternative kit for a change. I’m definitely going to have to do more alternatives. :grin:


Love your babies!!!


I love his hair!


Ever since I made the elf, i am loving alternatives more and more. And this guy is AMAZING! Nice work!



Thank you so much :blush:


How do you make your babies so smooth? I can’t even make a Caucasian baby that looks good.

Here’s my progress on my baby. Yes I stripped him lol. What causes paint to look like this? I was using a method Sue Ellen just started using.

Instead of washes, I was using a stippling brush and sponge. It’s supposed to blend together. I stripped before it cured and she didn’t have any staining like last time. This is Spencer.

My paint is air dry Winsor and Newton and liquitex matte fluid to prime. The primer was perfect. But this looks different.


I know Ive said this to you before but I strongly suggest getting Melissa George’s patreon…also it takes a long time before you find your mojo, just stick with it :wink:


Beautiful, as always :slight_smile:


I love him! You definitely have a knack for this :wink:


I’m taking your advice. I never had that happen before. My mottling is usually one of the best things I do. I’m new but I’m decent at mottling. That was not what I’m used to and I stayed with it to see if it would improve. Once I put 3 layers down, I stripped her and gave her a bath.