Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


I love me some fat babies. I hope that one gets a kit too in fat baby stage. :grin::heart:


Blows my mind too. Some have guessed that she was feeding him cornbread. :rofl:


Cornbread and buttermilk! :joy:


Quick photos of my third version of 3M Joseph that I just took! Lighting not great and camera battery was dying!


Love love love !!!


He’s beautiful!


Oh my he is just adorable, I love him!


Oh be still my heart :heartpulse::heartbeat:


I just finished knitting the sweater for this baby. He is going home tomorrow.


Looks lovely!




I just finished this one. Working in the pink skirt and booties to go with it


thank you <3


Cornbread, pot liquor (the juice from greens) hot dogs, canned milk and a pound of butter.


Your babies are always so beautiful!


She is adorable!!!


He’s just gorgeous, you are a “true natural” Great job!!


Awe thanks. What a nice compliment.


That’s going to be a cute outfit. You did a great job on her lips.


Great job for a second baby! wow!