Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Oh I forgot to thank you for the hair lotion. It smells awesome. That was so nice of you to include it!


I love that stuff. Generally the mohair I use is manageable without anything. But that stuff gives the baby a sweet scent. :wink:


Gorgeous , well done and that rooting is wonderful .


Thank you :slight_smile:


Almost done with Priscilla


I love her!


I love her too. I don’t really like her prototype on BB, but yours is cute.


custom Marigold by Ann Timmerman, going home to her Mommy


@NancyW Wow :star_struck:


Creepy AF but damn good work woman!


He is getting a little closer


Can’t resist…it’s Halloween soon ! So there is Byron…the dark Baronne !

Just need some fangs tuch up and find clothes.


Been working on Ella



currently experimenting with fine details; micro capillaries and baby acnes.


I am still trying to finish him up. I always get stuck and dont know if I should stop or keep going. How do you know when it is finished?


He looks good now against white. Try him against other colors too and see. Give him a day and look at him again. Least that’s what I do.



Realborn June ,Ethon Brace, Realborn Brookly, Yannie Legler
Realborn Ashley, Tink, Thomas Auer
Alexander Auer, Sunny K, Ollie Stoete
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Been a busy spring and summer


That is my biggest problem as well. He look absolutely stunning right now I have to say!


Great advice!