Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Very nice job! Looks awesome!

I didn’t know Saskia had teeth?


Just adorable!


I painted her teeth :slight_smile:
I realised when I looked at the picture that my Ashley’s eye dropped again. I need to glue that eye better. She looks much better when they are straight LOL…thank you for the compliment :blush:

Im pretty excited today because I just got my second custom order :grinning:


They were born))) :heart:Everly and Ella


Awww, cuties!


Thank you very much!:heart:


I am working on sweet little Leif. He is such a cute kit! :heart_eyes:


I love your teeth!!! Was it hard to do?


Nope, I just painted them with titan buff (golden) and put some pledge in there for the wet look :slight_smile:


love his little face!


Just wondering what the difference is in an affordababy?
They are both precious!


I call my budget babies affordababies. It can be a boo boo baby, or one I’ve made fast and cheap. It can also be ones I’ve practiced new techniques on. I price them around $150.


I see your Joseph head was delivered! :grin:


Yes. I was just getting on here to tell you. I’m so excited! :grin:
Did your little D head arrive?


I havent been home all day so I am not sure. I wont be home until late tonight.


thank you :slight_smile:


She looks perfect!


I just got home and Darren’s sweet little head was here waiting on me. He is precious. Thank you for trading.


Thank you! Isn’t that the sweetest little head ever?! :heart_eyes:


I’m working now on these three lovely ones