Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


I recognize Pennywise look alike! He is cute!!


I find it hard to take a pic without the cats getting in there hehe


My first attempt at reborning. Honest opinions appreciated, I just have the ghsp from the starter kit

. Creasing definitely needs work it keeps turning out dirty looking.


You did a lovely job, creases are a real problem for me even now!! Keep up the great work!!


Lol yeah and he’s 4 months old and super needy lol He wants to be cuddled and held all the time haha


1st one??? You are doing great… :slight_smile:


WIP Suzanne by Adrie Stoete ! (am putting her on Katie Marie Timmerman limbs


Work in progress Brittany


I have two indoor only and they’re like having toddlers very demanding and spoilt


Oh I know haha I have to other cats who don’t care about me as long as I feed them they’re fine, but this little guy is very needy haha We got him at 8 weeks, and he was weaned and eating solids, but still occasionally nursed from his mama, so we think that may be part of the reason he wanted to be close to us ALL the time when he was tiny and now it’s just a habit.


Yeah same my 2nd one whose a big boy, was given to me at only 6 weeks far too early, the owner thought he was 8 weeks but when i worked out when he was born he was just 6 weeks, he was the first of the litter to eat solids and use the kitty litter, though he was no smaller than my first was at 9 weeks, as he’s a maine coon so he’s big anyway, but he didn’t learn how to groom himself and being long haired is important so he only partly grooms himself and that’s probably just what he sees from the other one.


Yeah 6 weeks is really young. Poor little guy. I once got a kitten and was told he was 7 weeks old when we got him. 2 weeks later we took him to the vet for his first checkup and they told us he was 7 weeks old. Meaning we got him at just 5 weeks old. Poor little buddy was so not ready to be away from his mom.


ppl don’t realise the importance of them being with their Mums, once they eat and use kitty litter they thinks its ok to move them on, but they learn stuff from their Mums for some time like my Tigger and grooming.


Exactly, they learn so much so quickly in those last few weeks. We had foster kittens and their mom last year, the kittens were just 3 days old when we got them. And between the time they were 4 - 8 weeks old they learned SO much. They went from clumsy stumbling to walking and running well. And being able to eat and use the litter. And how to play properly and interact with each other. We had to do a lot of the stuff a momma cat would normally do because the mom was semi feral and terrified. She fed and groomed the kittens and that as it, we had to teach them how to play,how to get around etc.


my first one wasn’t socialised poor thing, she was 9 weeks, but they had the kittens down stairs in a room on their own and it appeared mine was the runt of the litter she was tiny and thin and was curled up on her own in the wardrobe, while the others played and climbed all over us.


Aw poor kitten, glad she found someone who loved her though, a lot of runts have trouble.
We were lucky, none of our kittens were a runt. They were all about the same size and weight until approx. 4 weeks old. And then one of them just started getting HUGE lol He was roughly double the size of his brothers haha Let me see if I can find a pic, we had two black,one black and white and one orange, the orange one was the one who got super big

Here they are at three days old, you can see they’re roughly the same size

And a few weeks later the orange boy is so much bigger than his brother, though it’s hard to tell in the picture


Chanel. Not my favorite kit.


She’s precious!!


My jade in her outfit I made for her. Still need to paint her hair, before she’s totally finished. I love this sculpt!!


Adorable outfit!! She’s beautiful!! I love Jade. She seems to paint herself lol