Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


You are becoming a Natural really fast… so adorable love the lips


Beautiful & eyebrows just right!!


So sweet :heart_eyes:Good luck on listing !


He is gorgeous :heart_eyes:


I finished this kit last year and wanted to originally keep her bald but she wasn’t getting any bites so I decided to root her. And almost a year later she is finally finished.


Very nice rooting.


Beautiful babies, gorgeous rooting job! Bet they will find a mommy now!


Thank you @micholc


Fingers crossed I get people that say they want them only to back out or not respond.


When they were baldies or since they have had hair?


She is incredible! Please tell me which color tone do you use?


Both times


Thank you!, and I’m not sure I use a number of different tones along with some burnt umber washes mostly flesh 08, flesh 07 ,baby skin with some burnt umber, salmon pink ,and toned down yellow washes. I did these almost a year ago so I’m not to sure what tones I used I just add as I go.


Toddler Liam still work in progress, need to secure his hair and give him a haircut before I can put him together


He’s a cute little guy! My Liam was all girl when I was finished lol She sold incredibly quickly though so I can’t complain, but I did want a boy lol


Mines a boy as I’m keeping him and I already have 3 girls


Yours makes a really good boy! Mine just looked like a girl no matter what, so I kept the hair long when I rooted it.


I like him as a girl, I’ve seen some lovely ones


Here’s mine as a girl, with my cat making an appearance in the pic lol


Ok I made him a longer body because he looked a little funny in the first one I made. But he is finally put together all he needs is his teeth and outfit, which are going to be made today.