Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


They look amazing!


Clyde is just waiting on hair and lashes!


So cute!! :slight_smile:


I finally got Sugar’s outfit today, so here she is.


His skin tone is gorgeous! That’s what I’m trying to achieve, but always end up add8ng too much blue. What red do you use for mottling?


Sugar, you are so beautiful!


Yes. Finley is the open mouth one. They are both by Heike Kolpin. I’ve been wanting Finley since the first time I saw him. (My exhusband’s last name is Finley, so my son is a Finley.) Anyway, he’s always $60-70 on all the doll sites. Then I found him on dream a little dream website for $40. So I bought him. I would have bought Enya for $40 too. But they were sold out. So I bought her for about $65 somewhere else. Then…the next day I found out dream a little dream was have a sale of 5 random kits for $140. I ordered that. I didn’t get a Finley in my lot of five. But a lot of people did. So there’s a very good chance someone on this forum might have a Finley they want to trade.


Thank you! I tried something new and (loosely) followed this tutorial http://www.realrebornstore.com/product-p/eb-seg.htm and like how he turned out! I don’t remember the exact red coloring I used. I mixed genesis red with some dioxazine purple and burnt umber and blue haha. Not very helpful! Sorry!


Thank you for sharing this link. I just ordered that ebook. And they have a buy one get one free special so I ordered another one too. :slight_smile:


The hair is beautiful!


This guy will be my next big project after I root Liam Brown. He’s already painted a bit, but it’s fairly uneven and there’s no real detail. I got him in a partial trade, and he’s pretty cute even with his flaws. I’ll be touching up his paint and rooting him once I’ve saved up enough to buy the materials to do so :slight_smile:


He’s cute!!


He’s my first silicone, and so far I love it! For what I “paid” for him, he’s pretty good. I’m having fun making him little things, like the little cloth diaper he’s wearing


Awe! Does silicone feel weird? I’ve heard people compare them to gummy bears. Lol. I want one but my dogs do good to leave the vinyl dolls alone. I really need to find a safe place for my dolls. My rottie decided June was a chew toy during the night last night.


It’s weird compared to vinyl but I like it. Gummy bear is an interesting comparison lol
aw that sucks! My dog is not allowed in my room, where all my doll stuff is. She’s too destructive, she weighs 20lbs and is only 1, but she needs toys for large breeds & power chewers.


Do you think they’re worth it/useful? I will probably order a couple as well


Very pretty, does she have eyelashes??


Pretty baby and outfit!


I don’t know yet. My order is still processing. I did the buy one get one deal. But I don’t know how I was supposed to say which ones I wanted, so I just put the titles in the comments. I assume I’ll have to wait til they open up tomorrow to see how it works. :thinking:


Beautiful baby!