Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Kyrie is finally ready for hair. Kits should come with difficulty ratings. This one needs a rating level of “expert.” She’s way too difficult for beginners like me. My 5 months experience isn’t nearly enough to tackle this difficult child. :grimacing:


She gorgeous! I agree, summer Rain was such a challenge I put her aside 3mo ago! I need to finish her just so I can feel like I wasn’t defeated by a kit, :laughing:


You did a good job, though!


Summer Rain was one of the first kits I bought. Then I came onto this forum and read all the comments about how hard she is. So she sits at the bottom of the bin, where she’s likely to stay forever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I started Kyrie over 2 months ago. But I kept getting frustrated and kept putting her away. I even bought a cuddle body thinking I would just give up and not bother anymore. But something wouldn’t let me give up. I guess I just like self torture. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you. She isn’t perfect. But she might end up being my favorite after all the trouble she caused. :grimacing:


Problem child! :joy:


This cutie is almost finished!


Custom order, Avery by Jannie de Lange twin boy, going home to his sister


It’s the need to see the end result of all your hard work… satisfaction!! Lol, I’m gonna try again to finish summer and I hope you start on yours, then we can share our hard work with each other (or at least each finished piece :joy:)!


I absolutely love your hair painting. I need to watch your tutorial again. I love the look of my rooted hair but it takes forever for me to do…


Wowza! Awesome hair :heart_eyes:


Is the tutorial on the internet or for sale? It is amazing !!!


She has a you tube channel where she sits and paints and you can watch what she does. Creative Newborns.


Here’s my Madison so far💙


She’s cute!


Cuddle Baby Joseph Awake


Sweet baby girl.



My 2nd Landon WIP


Reese is almost done drying. Hes a seconds and luckily this time not one little mark! Hes perfect haha. I’ve been sick for 4 days and the package definitely perked me up!


My Landon finished ! Quick pics

I think he is a boy, but not sure yet. Big baby ! Love him , but no, not another keeper :sweat_smile: