Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


I did after I posted. Ty Pia!! She’s all done as of today! :two_hearts:


Thank you @pia :purple_heart:


Everything about this baby is perfect, the tones are amazing! @Mommy2five


Sharing Dominic awake Realborn…work in progress.I hoped for a girl, but I got all boy…


Thank you :star2:


Love the smooth skin tones!! And the lips! Wow!


She’s so cute!!!


Thanks! I had some issues painting him, for some reason he wanted to be difficult! Lol


WIP Mila #2


Update from yesterday
This is furthest I have gotten with reborning… I struggled with the hands so may start them again :pensive:… any tips ?

Decided to leave it for a day or so now so I have fresh eyes next time I look ! Do you ever get scared and daren’t go further in case u mess it up ? :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


She is a beauty !
If it was me, I would add some blush on palm of and and feet. But she is very well done ! Bravo !


I really like the smoothness of your painting


Aw Thank u… I’m actually worried that the hand are too dark ? I daren’t do more haha x


Thank u :kissing_heart:


Really gorgeous painting! I just love the complexion you have…I would add blushing also…She’s really a pretty baby!!


WOW Babies I love him is he the Joseph kit?


Miles is coming along well. Now off to root the other half of his head lol



Thank you so much! He is James by Sandy Faber:)


What kit is that?