Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


olive, ya lista para ir con su mama


Almost finished with a custom Reese. I’m waiting for sealer to dry and then assemble.




Finally finished this little one!! Took a few months :joy: Really bad lighting. I’ll get some better pics tomorrow.


Beautiful Olive!! She’s my favorite and was my first reborn :heart:


Still working on this lil one.


So cute!!! Who is that? Ashley Awake?


So sweet!!


Ashley twins


Beautiful Dee! I’m still trying to figure out that perfect complexion :expressionless:


She is looking good, I’m working in Ashley awake too


Thank you, yes.


Thank you.


@Emmy — OMG!!! That rooting is unbelievable and what a beautiful Summer Rain!

@silydie I love that Olive!

@kimomax That Reese is stunning, I love that kit…




Here is my Summer Rain (3) Work in progress… Still needs lashes and a magnet


Finally got Saskia’s skin tone right and not I’m rooting. Beverly Kinzer’s Mohair is amazing. It’s practically rooting itself.

After stripping 4 times, I love my Sally! She is a keeper. Looking forward to having time to root her.


I would add blue undertones in thin skin areas.


Thank you. He was easy to paint and bring to life.


Beautiful work! Love your shading!