Let's Show our Work, or WIP!



So very pretty


Yannie Legler


Thanks @jenn1 hopefully he will be available and on sale if a few months.


Awesome! Thanks so much! I’ll have to check out my beauty supply store, I’m not sure they have anything like this but I will definitely check it out cause it’s cheaper than any other I’ve seen haha


She is adorable, so sad you are sick, hope you get relief soon. Get well.


Im still working on liam. I still have to root a little more, but she is looking great already. Im getting exited


I’m working on micro rooting my 2nd Isabella, having just finished Emmy and painting wee Tink

next toddler will be Liam when the last edition comes out.


Just started this baby today… it’s only my 2nd reborn the first was a write off lol… any criticism welcome tho obviously not complete at the mo WIP :blush:


Pretty lips.


Really nice ! Lips are superb and skin seem smooth. Good work !


Another outfit I’m working on.


Update from earlier today
… going to carry on tomo now…

We thinking boy or girl ?

Ps thank u for your lovely comments


LOVE the hair. That is my vision for my Emmy.


I see a girl, but may be cute as a boy too. Very sweet baby !


Aww thank u x


:heart_eyes: Boy or girl.


Finally finished rooting the summer rain I started before Christmas!!!

Now I just need to put her together and dress her


Hey, I have a little blonde Summer Rain too!! She’s a cutie!!


es muy lindo!!!