Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


My 2nd Aisha kit. Still WIP. Sponged hair. Glue is drying


She Looks so peaceful and a amazing job as usual Cierra !!! By the way, how do you add writing to your photos?


Thank you so much. I use pixlr.com to watermark. It’s free to use. You can use it both on phone & desktop.


Great, thank you!!! I will have to give it a try


:slight_smile: It’s the pixlr express. The editor is for professionals lol


Almost done with Levi


Benno’s cocoon has opened lol fun little guy :heart_eyes:


Cute, happy little guy.


Thanks ! his expression is what drew me to the kit.




This little fella reminds me a lot of my husband…lol.


Cute face!


I have done 1/3 of the his head. Getting there. After many needles I have been reminded of how much I hate rooting, but I’m loving him.


Gabriel is done, after 3 time stripping, re root 2 time and a long time in punishment in a box for giving me such trouble.


Custom Lillian. She still needs eyelashes. Her coloring looks kind of blah (and a little yellow) in the picture but it’s not in person.


This face makes me happy!


Um…why are my pictures posting all kinds of kattywompus?


Miles so far…


Was Kimi now MikaIMG_8530IMG_8532


Finished Leah to give to a little girl who lost her other babies in a house fire this week :frowning: