Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Have you tried a 24? The 22s seem a little small.


WIP Realborn Evelyn #2 This one will be a cuddle baby. Took this picture last night so excuse the lighting. Not sure she will stay a girl.


The eyes are being opened more than they should around the eyeball because I need to remove more of the silicone inside the socket. Once I remove more silicone the eyelids will cover more of the eye whites allowing the iris to fill in more.


I can’t wait to see this silicone baby all finished :heart_eyes:


Thank you!




Me, too. I love her expression.


Okay then. Shows how much (or little) I know about making silicone babies. Thanks for the explanation.


The original clay sculpt had size 18 eyes. I went up in sizes to get a bigger iris. Tomorrow I’ll tinker around with the sockets to get them to cover the eyes more. That way she doesnt look so suprised lol.


This is my favorite Indie EVER! I can’t wait to see more.


Penelope Toner and Yannie Legler.


Cuddle baby Aisha. Time to root hair!


Wow ! all I can say is Wow ! this is some big baby bet you are having fun but I also bet you can hardly wait to finish not only to see your accomplishment but to just be done .



Darling :sparkling_heart:


YES! From the start of sculpting till now it’s been over a year in the making lol. I can’t wait to finally finish her. I can say for sure that I’ll never sculpt a baby this big again! She fits in a size 3month sleeper.


I just knew it !! lol I have been keeping an eye on it since you first started and been thinking wow she has got to be getting tired :smile:


Xander getting some more rooting. I think I’m in love with this sculpt :joy:


Thinking of leaving him a baldy but can’t decide…


My version of Isabella by Nikki Johnston