Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Brings back memories of my Native order :wink:


I am working on Indie by Laura Lee Eagles. I still have to put her sealer on and then start rooting.


Great job!


Wow, that’s gonna be a lot of hair!
What kind of hair are you using?


@Emmy those Joseph’s are beautiful and their eyes are gorgeous and @Marydi what a pretty Indie😍


So gorgeous!!! @Marydi


It’s wavy yearling that I process and sell in my shop. Looks like I’ll be able to style it almost straight. I’ve already used more than half an ounce with lots more to go! I usually only use about .25oz for a whole head :joy:


She is AMAZING!!! :heartpulse:


Beautiful baby! Your skintone is very realistic. Looking forward to seeing her completed.


Finished painting Logan awake!


He is still in his cocoon stage :sunny:


Working on Realborn Prescilla. She’s not as yellow in person (cell phone pic). I’m loving this kit!


Adorable! What kit is this?


Beautiful !!! I love your Indie


Thanks! this is Benno odd name right lol by Linde Sherer


I love this one! I am still scared of open mouths, but yours is looking great. Lovely work.


Thank you I have made several with open mouths and don’t see anything much different then a closed mouth now .


Wanted to share my progress so far with my silicone baby. She’s getting matted.


She’s very cute. Her silicone looks so smooth. What size eyes did you use?

  1. I need to set her eyes still. They are a little wonky. :blush: