Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Probably one of the best Liam’s I’ve liked so far and he’s not even done! I love the prototype of this kit so much but I feel like he looks best with longer hair!


Thanks :blush: I would be cutting it a little.


Also those size eyes are perfect for him! Are they bigger than the ones recommended?


Yes, I used 24mm


Who is the second toddler? I love her! :heart_eyes:


Well this is certainly turning out to be a challenge. My first attempt at a baby with darker tones, I’m going for a biracial skin tone. I’ve lost count of how many layers he’s had but I feel like I’m getting there now. I still have a lot of work to do on him though, shading, details etc. He’s skin tone still isn’t as even as I’d have liked.


Your Liam is beautiful, one of my the better ones I’ve seen.


She is Beautiful isnt she ? I believe that is Isabella by artist who has a name I can never spell right lol


Regina Swialkowski


Thank you


WIP Mei Lin by Jannie de Lange w/ Arianna legs (will be a ready made for sale)


this was my first one


Love your version of Liam cant wait to see him finished,
I’m waiting on the final edition to come out.




Nearly done with this rooting , just hair line to do.
Golden Fleece kid mohair is really difficult to root…oh, rooting it was easy, but it was sooooo soft, I can’t just stop touch it ! So that take me longer ! :laughing:




Thank you !

I just receive my Rose bag with this beautiful headband in it. Can’t resist !


Working on these two separate babies.


Customer wants super duper thick long hair she can braid…:flushed:

(But I like rooting, so I’m having fun!!)