Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


She sure does! Little fun fact I’m 2/3rd part Irish. :slight_smile:


Awe how sweet!!! I love that! :grin::heart_eyes:


When my hair starts looking orange I give it a blue wash it helps. Most browns have that oramge undertone. Next time when you are mixing the paint add some blue. I think she looks great. You made a cute Irish baby. :wink: my first painted hair was black. It actually looked a little gray because I use mars black alone :grin:.


Thank you! I just cured her. How do I give her hair a blue wash without staining her and also her eyebrows need it badly lol I was going to buy mars black. Maybe not now :slight_smile:


She’s gotten darker with cure so that’s good but now I think she looks like a boy :frowning: what can I do with her hairline to make it more feminine. I didn’t think olive could ever look boyish lol


I like her hairline. I’d leave it alone.


I use Mars black mix with with brown it weeks great for dark brown hair


I normaly give the whole doll the blue wash.


She looks great. Put a pretty headband. That normally works for me. You would get a better idea of what she needs. If she needs anything.


She looks great. Put a big bow on her hair and put her in a dress and she will look just fine. :slight_smile: I looked like a boy when I was a baby and was practically bald my mom kept me in a huge bow/headband and frilly dresses.


Hair smooth sailing


She actually cured out perfectly!! Much more of a medium brown to me :slight_smile: I’m anxious to varnish her and set her eyelashes, eyes and magnet…I have to buy paci’s lol


That’s exactly the plan! TY! :slight_smile: I’m going to make a bald baby…they are so precious. Last night I wasn’t sure about leaving Olive bald…she was so darling lol I have plenty of bows :wink:


Oh great! I’m going to buy the black during the sale :slight_smile:


Thank you! That’s what I’m doing…no more paint :slight_smile:


What can you mix with black to make it stay black after you apply it to the head? Gray haired babies just don’t do a thing for me.


She looks like a girl now! :heart_eyes:


Oh, they were both already partially done. A sparse one halfway done and the one in the picture was about 2/3 or 3/4 done. I didn’t do two heads in 7 hours. Wish I could, haha.


Whew! (wipes sweat off brow) I thought I must be missing a clue as to how to work faster. lol I have been working on this head forever…


Here is my time consuming lil one…