Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Thank you ! she was some fun to root lol this is Inara by the same artist as Gabriella she is most often seen as an AA .


Thanks ! I am pretty happy with her plan on playing more with her tomorrow she pretty well wore me out today :wink:


Oh ok~ any idea how much hair you used to root her?


Sorry no I have no idea but a lot lol .


Very cute, her shoes are 5 or 6 depending on the style.


Thanks :slight_smile:


I can’t root for 7 hours and be done. I root more like 7 hours for 7 days to be finished. Me and that kid mohair! Yours looks good


I’m working on Taite between work and classes, lots to go on this little guy yet!


Bailey in progress. I am stuck now. Need idea to how finish her.

Bad lighting…


I’m trying to find good lighting. My babies keep getting wash off on pictures. I’ll have to move around the house tomorrow. I can’t wait for spring sun. This is with and without flash. Her color is in between in real life :neutral_face:


I LOVE this little lamb! I aspire to your level of hair painting-not there yet. Not even close.


That’s too sweet. Thanks!:hugs: I found that it’s all about the paint consistency. I use short brushes. I tried the recommended thin long brushes, but that didn’t work for me. I cut short brushes in an angle.


I’m going to try that because that hair is amazing!


Well it’s safe to say that my poor Olive is a boo boo baby. She is either too orange or green. Used genesis paints. Her hair is much more brown in person thankfully and for my first time painting hair I’m kind of happy with it but not the colors it has turned out to be. She’s a keeper :slight_smile:

I should have left her bald.


Oh she is lovely!!!


Naw, she looks pretty good for a first attempt. My first attempt looked like a hat. Yours looks like hair. I have a Juan leg (huge) I’ve been practicing on. Then I strip and reuse it.
She’s cute. Will you give her eyelashes?


I actually like her a lot!! :heart:


Awe ty so much for your kindness! :slight_smile:


Thank you oh yes she will be getting her eyelashes after she is varnished :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! She looks like a little Irish lass lol :blush: