Let's Show our Work, or WIP!


Wow, gorgeous!


First one looks like he has been beat up on his poor little arms so not a fan of the mottle but he is a stunning little baby .


Meg is finished and ready to go home. I’m so pleased after my melted head rooting disaster (on a different baby) some of you may have seen this last week


Lovely little one :smile: So how did you fix the melted head?


I didn’t it was another baby I was working on. But it’s nice to see another one finished. Thanks :blush:


Work in Progress of Joseph awake and Xander Brace at the end of working on them today. I think my Joseph may be a girl but not sure if I should leave her as a baldy or do prisma hair. Rooting most my Limited Edition kits, so most my realborns (if not all) will be drawn hair.

Amelia is about half way rooted, and can now share my secret baby - Eleanor by Laura Tuzio-Ross
(She is my only newly completed baby so far, others are ready to assemble but I haven’t yet)


@Tashaj That’s a beautiful Meg!

@jlesser Oh I love your babies!


The baby in the first picture is from my hometown -she is a friends’ great neice :slight_smile: Her name is Devina and her pics went viral after someone posted a newborn pic of her on fb because of the woman in game of thrones- she was born May 1 and tragically her dad was killed May 29 in a helicopter training exercise getting ready for deployment:(


That is so sad Tammy. :cry: May the Lord show up for the family.
Does anyone have white hair in the family? She I’d such a beauty.


Yona :blush: She’ll be making her journey home shorty.

Also spent yesterday, working on some DIY photography backdrops & photography areas!


Rooting my second Miranda. I am not a good thick hair rooted on these babies. It takes so long because I like that super soft fine hair…


Beautiful tones!


Thank you


Love her hair adorbs.


Maddox had his hair done. I don’t know if I will add some more on the top.

I wish I could root as well as some of you !


That rooting is fabulous! So realistic!! :slight_smile:




Not that I know of -her dad and mom both have dark hair - she is still a beauty :slight_smile:

And thank you for the kind words -their family has been lifted up in prayer many times and I know they have felt them .


Working on this 2 in this beautiful weather.


Who is the one on the left (the smaller one)? I love that one already! We had some snow showers today, but nothing like that- thankfully.